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Skiing from the age of two in VT Aaron McGovern has skied aggressive lines and giant mountains around the world and now reigns from Squaw Valley CA, joining the Ski Punx force. He is one of the most defiant skier's in the industry with awards from Full Throttle to Best Slam. The "Gov" has graced many pages and covers of magazines like Freeze and Powder along with some down right scary film segments on the big screen with MSP & TGR. Aaron's "wreck or win" attitude truly represents his ski punk way of life. "It's in his blood." McGovern is now back in Squaw Valley,CA living the life.;" You don't fall unless you're trying, "We'll see you out there, with smiles.Gov"


Home hill: Park City, UT
Sponsors: SpX clothing, Dynastar, Lange, Look, DNA Outerwear, Cole Sport Ski Shop
Injuries: Too many to name
Favorite Magazine: Climbing
Dream Car: An extremely fuel efficient one, because the gas prices are ridiculous
Hobbies: Skiing and climbing
Favorite Ski Movie: The Guatemalan Persuader
Pro Skier: T and Mik
Trick: Rodeo true nose
Mission: My goal is to be successful in everything I put my mind to, and to bring righteousness and joy to our world

Comp Results:
  • DNA Evolution Tour Stop #14, Orem, UT. 1st Place and Best Trick. August 2007

  • DNA Evolution Tour Stop #2, Park City, UT. 1st Place and Best Trick. June 2007

  • PC Barbecue Rail Jam, Park City, UT. 1st Place. April 2007

  • Crew Challenge 2, Brian Head, UT. 1st Place. 2007

  • Armadagedon Slopestyle, Snow Park, NZ. 1st Place. 2005

  • Big Bear Open Slopestyle, Big Bear Lake, CA. 4th Place. 2007

  • Slug Games Slopestyle, Brighton, UT. 1st Place. 2006

  • Next X Snow Search, Keystone, CO. Placed on 2004 team and invited to Big Air show. 2004

  • Sobe Slopestyle, The Canyons, UT. 2nd Place. 2006

  • Slopestyle competition, Brighton, UT. 2nd Place. 2003

  • King of Wasatch slopestyle, Park City, UT. 3rd Place. 2004

  • Aspen Snowmass Open, Buttermilk, CO. 8th Place in semi-finals. 2008

  • The Canyons Open Slopestyle, Park City, UT. 1st Place. 2008

  • The Hipster Jam, Brighton, UT. 2nd Place. 2008

  • S.L.U.G. Magazine Rail Jam, Brighton, UT. 1st Place. 2008


Home hill: Mountain High, Wrightwood, CA
Skis: Rossignol, Aramada
Sponsors: SpX clothing, Powder & Sun, KTG Productions
Injuries: Compressed spine, broken arm, broken thumbs, and a few concussions
Dream Car: Subaru WRX STI
Hobbies: Skiing all day, everyday, and riding my dirt bike
Favorite Ski Movie: Ski Porn and Jib Jam
Pro Skier: Jonny Moseley
Trick: Switch Front Flip, Zero Spin, and Lincoln Loop
Mission: To progress the sport of skiing

Home hill: Winter Park Resort, CO
Sponsors: SpX clothing, Winter Park Resort, Line Skis, Jibij and Dragon
Injuries: ACL and Meniscus Injuries, some broken thumbs and bruises
Favorite Magazine: Freeskiier
Dream Car: Brand New Black Chevy Silverado Truck
Hobbies: Dance Parties, Tennis, Walking on my hands, Eating Hot Wings, Traveling
Favorite Ski Movie: Yearbook and Happy Dayz
Pro Skier: Charles Gagnier, Andreas Hatveit, and Sarah Burke
Trick: Tail Grabs and Switch Stuff
Skiing Style: Park, Pipe, Pow, Wherever my skis take me
Mission: Improve as a Skier and Have Fun!

Comp Results:
  • Breckenridge Spring Massive Slopestyle, 1st Place, 2005

  • Young Gun Open at Copper, 3rd Place, 2006

  • US Freeskiing Open Slopestyle, 14th Place, 2006

  • US Freeskiing Open Slopestyle, 8th Place Semifinals, 2007

  • Queen's Cup Slopestyle, 5th place, 2007

  • Winter Park Women's Slopestyle, January 2007

  • Big Bear Open '08 Women's Slopestyle, 2nd place, 2008

  • Collegiate Nationals in Winter Park, CO, 2nd Place, March 2008

Home hill: Canada Olympic Park
Sponsors: SPX clothing, Nordica, Rip Curl, Smith Optics, Fresh Sports
Injuries: 3 Concussions
Favorite Magazine: Freeskier
Dream Car: Shelby Cobra, VW Westfalia
Hobbies: Skiing, Wakeboarding, Music, Chillin with Friends
Favorite Ski Movie: Idea
Pro Skier: Tanner Hall, Eric Pollard, Andreas Hatviet, Jon Olson
Trick: Switch 5's On Jumps, 1260's in the Pipe
Mission: To go as far as I can with skiing and progress the sport


Home hill: Mt. Baldy, CA and Mt. Hood OR
Sponsors: SpX clothing, Mt. Baldy Ski Lifts, Dopa, and Lil' Bro Tommy Ellingson
Injuries: hmmmm
Favorite Magazine: Powder
Dream Car: 83' Ford Econoline
Hobbies: Kite surfing, filming, travel, surfing
Favorite Ski Movie: Hotdog, The Girl Next Door
Pro Skier: Cindy Ramstead
Trick: Switch crail snapper
Skiing Style: Basic nar shreading
Mission: To be in 'Hotdog 2', and to do a tailwhip on a Razor or Slopecycle

Home hill: Big Bear, CA
Skis: Roxy
Sponsors: SpX clothing, Roxy Skis, Getboards, Bear Mountain Freeride Team
Injuries: Head, back, face, ribs ...
Favorite Magazine: Freeze
Dream Car: '67 Mustang or '68 GTO
Favorite Ski Movie: Blunt, Pop Yer Bottlez
Pro Skier: Sarah, Wilson, Dash, Pollard
Trick: 180 blunt, switch butters on boxes
Skiing Style: Mostly park and jibs but I love pow
Mission: To travel, compete, and to represent my sponsors

Home hill: Mt. Baldy, CA
Skis: Line
Sponsors: SpX clothing, Mt. Baldy Ski Lifts
Favorite Magazine: Freeze
Dream Car: 2005 Ford F150 or 1990 Isuzu Amigo
Hobbies: Fishing, shooting, gliders, dirtbiking, long boarding, hot dogging
Favorite Ski Movie: Groove, Maltese Flamingo, Royalty, Stereotype
Pro Skier: Eric Pollard, Mickeal Dechaenaux
Trick: Switch 3 in pow pow or Zero spin spread eagle
Skiing Style: Backcountry, slope style
Mission: To Ski as much as possible, and to reach the top

Home hill: Mt. Hood, OR & Steamboat Springs, CO
Sponsors: SPX Clothing, Osiris, Tooks, Kinesys, Banshee Bungee
Injuries: Collar bone, arm, a few thumbs, and countless broken wrists
Favorite Magazine: Freeskier and Newschoolers
Dream Car: Audi R8
Hobbies: Filming, Editing, Photography, Surfing, Longboarding, Camping, Fishing, Golfing, Art
Favorite Ski Movie: Aspen Extreme and Idea
Pro Skier: Pollard, Pep Fujas
Trick: Switch Misty 720
Skiing Style: Park, Backcountry, and Urban
Mission: Ride some sicky-gnar pow, film, contribute to the sport, and keep pushing myself faster, higher, and bigger everyday

*** Kevin Todd - Profile Video ***

Home hill: Mt. Baldy CA
Sponsors: Had a few, now owner of SpX
Injuries: Broken humoruos, Torn MCL, Contused Maniscus, Leg lasseration 85 stitches. Sternum, Broken Index finger, 3 broken ribs in back, many sprained thumbs
Favorite Magazine: POWDER, FREESKIER
Dream Car: Audi R6
Hobbies: Drums, DJ , bodysurfing, writing, geography, punk history, film, travel
Favorite Ski Movie: Blizzard Of Ahh's, High Society, Carving the White, SKI MOVIE series
Pro Skier: Simon Dumont, Bushfield, Plake
Trick: English Muffin, Big Slow 180's, Zero's
Mission: To live and ski by my own rules, and to hopefully make a little money along the way